Allah Creator and Ruler of the Universe - اللہ خالق کائنات اور وہی چلا رہا ہے

Duration: 59 min 44 sec

Date: 31-Dec-2010

Quality: Good (Stereo sound, video quality adjusted to suite low speed Internet connection)

Media Type: Video

Language: Punjabi

Highlights: -Sura Aaraf Ayat 54, 55, 56

- Allah (SWT) created earth and skies and He is the ONLY sovereign and He commands everything

- Two groups who don't beleive Allah (SWT) are philosophers, and mushrakeen (polytheists)

- The case of Zakria (AS), Mariam (AS), Yahya (AS)

- Pray of Zakria (AS)

-The Killing of Yahya (AS)

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