Unity of Muslim Ummah, how to resolve differences -وحدت امت اور اختلافی مسائل کا حل

Duration: 58 min 04 sec

Date: 12-Nov-2010

Quality: Good (Stereo sound, video quality adjusted to suite low speed Internet connection)

Media Type: Video

Language: Punjabi


- Sura Al Baqra Ayat 203
- Different sects in Islam
- What do all true scholars of Islam believe about different sects?
- Beautiful poem of Sheikh Saadi about normal mud and flower, same is true for those who make zikr of Allah (SWT) and His Prophet (SAW)
- Relationship of both Eids with fasting and spending money
- Can we keep meat of Eid Baqr for more than 3 days?
- Can we give meat to non-muslims?
- How many Takbeerat one should say in EID prayers?
- How many Takbeerat one should say in Funeral prayers?
- Opinions of different scholars.
- How to resolve differences in Muslim sects?

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