Different prays and supplications with meaning and reverence - مختلف اذکار اور دعائیں, ان کے معانی اور فضیلت

Duration: 46 min 34 sec

Date: 15-Oct-2010

Quality: Good (Stereo sound, video quality adjusted to suite low speed Internet connection)

Media Type: Video

Language: Punjabi

Highlights: -
- Allah (SWT) created universe and He is running it
- Different Azkar (supplications) to register this lesson in mind
- Meaning and reverence (Fazeelat) of La Ilaha Illalah Wahdahu La Shareeka Lahu....
- Meaning of Illah, Allah
- Meanig of Salbi and Sibati characteristic
- Darood and its reverence (Fazeelat)
- Praying for others, when someone prays for others, Angels will pray for him

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