Adopt attributes of Allah (SWT) - تخلقوا بأخلاق الله - اللہ کے رنگ میں رنگے جاؤ

Duration: 55 min 36 sec
Date: 20-Aug-2010
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Media Type: Video
Language: Punjabi

Different questions and answers

- What should a person say in last Tashahud if a person joins late
- Moon sigting and related Hadith
- Should people living in different regions offer EID same day?
- Knowledge of Gaib (not present things)
- How to resolve time of Night of Qadr (Lailatul Qadr)?
- Why Iftar time is different of Shia?
- Question, what does it means that "Adopt attributes of Allah (SWT)"
- Example 1: Meaning of the Ayat that some of your wives and children could be your enemies?
- Example 2: Qaroon and his wealth
- Example 3: Event of Ifq (Aisha (RA)), Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) stopped giving charity to those who did propaganda aginst Aisha (RA)
- Example 4: Marriage is an organization, whose incharge is a man because he is by birth given those capabilities which help him to do hard work and spend on family. This doesn't mean he is superior than women.
- Example 5: Allah (SWT) doesn't like that people start talking bad about others except those who are opressed
- Example 6: Allah (SWT) is beautiful and ikes beauty, He is merciful and likes Mercy, He is Jawwad and likes being Jawwad

لحد میں عشقِ رخ شہ کا داغ لے کے چلے
اندھیری رات سنی تو چراغ لے کے چلے

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