Lecture after the journey of Haj, love of Allah (SWT) house and His Prophet (SAW) - حج کے سفر کے بعد کا خطبہ, اللہ کے گھر اور اس کے نبیۖ سے محبت

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Date: 18-Nov-2011

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- Sura Inshiqaq Ayat 6-15
- After Haj khutba
- Gazwa Tabook, with Qaiser-e-Room, extremely hot weather, people came to congratulate and some other for excuses
- Story of Kaab Ibn Malik, Halal Ibn Umayya, Murara Ibn Rabee
- Muslims boycotted them for 50 days
- When Allah (SWT) accepted their Tauba, Holy Prophet (SAW) said to kaab, since you are born, today is the best day
- Holy Prophet (SAW) guaranteed that those who pass the day of Arfa (during Haj), their sins will be forgiven. A person who doesn't believe that his sins have been forgiven, he is the biggest sinner
- Rush in Haram during Haj is blessing
- It is because of Duaa of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS)
- Tafseer Razi, a scholar saw an old man walking slowly and asked him about his visit. The old man replied that it has taken him 5 years like that to reach Haram. Then he recited these verses which mean:
You should visit the one whom you love even though your house is far. Even though on the way you have difficulties which block you from seeing your beloved.The distance shouldn't stop you visiting him because your beloved is the one which should be visited.

زُر من تحبُّ وإنْ شَطّتْ بكَ الدار
وحالَ من دونِهِ حجبٌ وأستارُ
لا يَمْنَعَنّكَ بُعْدٌ من زيارتِهِ
إنَّ المحبُّ لمن يهواه زوّارُ

-Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) prayed that "you should make this house which attract people". The word "Tahvi" in the pray means just is like a bird which falls on his young ones to protect them, same way people should fall towards Kaaba.
- People sacrifice their time and money to see Kaaba and Rawza Rasool
- Imam Ibn Taimiya (RA) said people should say in love of prophet (SAW) wahtever is appropriate when they reach Rawza Rasool
- One beautiful Darood is:

السَّلامُ عَلَيْكَ يارَسُولَ الله وَرَحْمَةُ الله وَبَرَكاتُهُ ، وَأَشْهَدُ أَنَّكَ قَدْ نَصَحْتَ لاُمَّتِكَ، وَجاهَدْتَ فِي سَبِيلِ رَبِّكَ وَعَبَدْتَهُ حَتَّى أَتاكَ اليَقِينُ،، فَجَزاكَ الله يارَسُولَ الله أَفْضَلَ ماجَزى نَبِيّا عَنْ أُمَّتِهِ.

- Holy Prophet (SAW) advised his nation well, he suffered a lot of difficulties while inviting people to deen
- Those who put filth on Holy Prophet (SAW) during sajda, they got cursed and killed in Gazwa Badr. Holy Prophet (SAW) called each one of them and asked did you see what I was telling you about. Hazrat Umar (RA) asked if they listen? Holy Prophet (SAW) said better than you but they can't reply
- After Abu Talib death, Holy Prophet (SAW) visited Taef in a hope they will listen to him
- But they threw stones on him. Zaid ibn Harsa (RA) took him from ground
- They went to a garden where gardener squeezed juice of grapes into Holy Prophet (SAW) moth. Holy Prophet (SAW) said "Bismillah". He said I never heard this from my masters. Holy Prophet (SAW) asked him where are you from, he said Iraq. Then Holy Prophet (SAW) asked him which city, he said Nenwa. Holy Prophet (SAW) said that is tha place of my brother Younus. He asked how do you know him. Holy Prophet (SAW) said I am a prophet like him. He kissed Holy Prophet (SAW) and embraced Islam.
- When someone says darood to Holy Prophet (SAW), does he listen?
- Holy Prophet (SAW) said only angels bring to me
- Holy Prophet (SAW) said on the day of judgement those will be closest to me who used to say Darood the most
- Rush in Makkah and Madina is good, Govt shouldn't try to decrease
- When Ibrahim (AS) prayed, Allah accepted that pray as in Sura Haj
- People will come pedestrian and weak animals, from far
- Hazrat Umar (RA) used to pray for Allah (SWT)'s house:

اللهم زد هذا البيت تشريفاً وتعظيماً وتكريماً ومهابة وأمناً، وزد من شرفه وكرمه ممن حجه أو اعتمره تشريفاً وتكريماً وتعظيماً وبِراً

- Message of Holy Prophet (SAW) will spread all over the world in all houses
- A time will come when Arab will become green
- A companion (who used to write whatever said by prophet) asked Holy Prophet (SAW) if he should filter while writing and only write few things or all. He (SAW) replied, whatever comes out of my tongue, that is Haq and true, there is not doubt in that.
- Islam will spread in whole world
- Philosophers will continue debating but will not get anything. As said by Iqbal;

عقل گو آستا ںسے دور نہیں
اس کی تقدیر میں حضور نہیں

- Bu Ali Sina and Razi said at their end that they embrace Eman
- Aql is good in worldy matters but to understand Allah (SWT), His Prophet (SAW), day of judgement, one needs knowledge of Wahi (revelation)
- Allah (SWT) said in Quran, Human being is given small knowledge about these things. When people ask about "Rooh", you say this is an order from Allah (SWT). "Rooh" is used in Quran for Jibrael (AS) and the message of Quran as well.
- People used to ask Holy Prophet (SAW) that while sitting with you, you get Wahi, tell us how this happens? Allah (SWT) said "they ask you about Rooh, you says it is an Amr of Allah (SWT) and you have been give very little knowledge. This ayat refers to Reveletion
- Makkah and Madina give two things
- Makkah tells us the story of Ibrahim (AS), he was Haneef, he let everyone be angry for the sake of happiness of Allah (SWT)
- Allah (SWT) says in Quran, make place of Ibrahim (AS) as a place for pray
- Ibrahim (AS) faced so many difficulties in life for the sake of Allah (SWT), visit to Egypt, thrown in fire, left wife ad chiled in desert, got son after 86 years, became ready to sacrifice his son