Jealousy and animosity - حسد اور کینہ


Date: 06-Aug-2004

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Language: Punjabi

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- Spirtual Disease of Jealousy
- Satan was jealous of Adam
- Story of sons of Adam (AS)
- Two tribes Aws and Khizraj
- Story of Abu Amir in Aws, who was priest before Holy Prophet (SAW) started his preaching. How he incited Hawazen and Romans to wage war against Holy Prophet (SAW)
- Story of Abu Bakr Siddiq (RA) and Abu Khaisam (RA)
- Just like fire eats wood, jealousy eats pious deeds
- Root cause of jealousy
- Story of two two Jews Banu Nazeer (Sardar)
- Story of Abdulla Bin Ubai, why he became jealous
- Story of daughter of Abdulla bin Ubai (Jameela) and son of Abu Amir(Hanzala)
- Story of Hanzala and his son
- Fight among Shahaba (RA) on a well and remarks of Abdulla bin ubai, report of Zaid bin Arqam (RA), Revelation in support of Zaid (RA)
- Story of Abdulla bin Abdulla bin ubai, who was a shahabi.
- Story of Abdulla bin Hanzala and his got 8 sons
- Glad tidings of Holy Prophet (SAW) for whom?