Please ensure that questions are appropriate. Use morals and manners of asking question to teachers. Don't use bad words. Your questions will only be considered if they are appropriate. Please also note that it may take few days before we could answer.

You can ask question in Urdu or English. We prefer English. But Urdu is also OK. In order to type in Urdu, use one of the following three methods:

1) You can use Google Transliteration in Urdu. You can type in Roman Urdu, Google will convert to Urdu. For example, in order to write میرا ایک سوال ہے , just type mera aik sawal hey. If you want to do online, Click Here.

You can also download the Google Transliteration Software (IME) on your computer as well. Click Here To Download. Select Urdu and then download. Once downloaded and installed, change the language by pressing ALT+SHIFT together to Urdu and start typing in Roman Urdu.

2) The second method is to download Urdu Font

Once you finish typing, you can copy paste your Urdu question in the message window below.

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